Secret Wedding

The project focused on relationship between legible figures and their surrounding situation or ground as a means of creating a direct dialogue between architecture and its site, object and contingency. For the purposes we will accept the ground as a quasi-given set of circumstances that can accept project change while the objects themselves are that which create the dialogue. The project developed a still-life with a mixture of adopted figures a ground and a series of designed figures designed to illusionistically incorporate themselves into the surrounding via partial geometric patterned hiding and then materiality.

Cornell University Architecture, Art and Planning
Faculty:           Jonathan A Scelsa
Degree:           M.S. AAD
Semester:       Spring 2019
Duration:         7 weeks
Software:        Rhino, VRay, Photo Recap
Site :                Ithaca, New York.
Type :              Architecture Research, Scripting, Illusion, Projection Mapping, Anamorphic Projection.