The Apartment for Afterlife,
With regard to the stories and expressions, everything we want to draw is in the drawings, but everything we want to say seems to be outside the drawings.

The Aesthetics of the Politics and the Politics of the Aesthetic
Everything of marketing today seems to be working towards making power and capital stronger: constructing high-rise buildings, making spectacular advertisements, and then guiding a political aesthetic that influences the citizens’ decision on politics. Thus, we chose to rethink the political science of a future capitalist cemetery.

The Real and the Illusory
We started to rethink a few questions about reality and illusion. The comparison between the more realistic plan and the illusory image is exactly the portrayal of all marketing advertisements today, which makes people almost forget the original purpose of their actions. So here we designed a luxurious grave. Do you want to BUY it?

Cornell University Architecture, Art and Planning

Faculty:        Kutan Ayata & Michael Young
Team:            Mohammed Mansoor, Chinglun Chen,
                        Luyao Zhou
Degree:         M.S. AAD
Semester:    Summer 2018
Duration:      3 Weeks
Software:     Rhino, Vray, Photoshop, Illustrator
Site :              5th Avenue, W 57th Street , New York, NY
Type :            Architecture + Discourse, Crematorium, Real Estate, High Rise