Urban Tectonics 

Approaches and Objectives,
The studio started with research and analysis effort through a brief review of relevant discourse and an overview of both historic and contemporary conditions of the sites around Park Avenue. Following the initial overview, fact based investigations with focused research and analytic documentations instigated the individuated agendas of the design projects. In the design phase, students were asked to test and define project trajectories and potential strategies at specific zones along Park Avenue, articulating the rationales and impact at multiple scales, geographies, and time frames. The emphasis of the course was on the production of rigorously articulated architectural propositions that each engages the critical inquiry of the studio topic with a distinctive thesis.

Cornell University Architecture, Art and Planning

Faculty:        Nahyun Hwang & David Eugin Moon
Team:            Mohammed Mansoor, Su Yeon Chi, Tanisha Sheth,                                       Qingzhou Yan, Jiayi Yi
Degree:         M.S. AAD
Semester:    Summer 2018
Duration:      2 Weeks, 3 Days
Software:     Rhino, Vray, Photoshop, Illustrator
Site :              47th.St. - 65th.St, Park Avenue , New York, NY
Type :            Architecture + Urbanism, Social Housing,  Real Estate, High Rise, Park, Landscape